January 28, 2016


Stop the madness! You hear your phone ring for the umpteenth time today, as you cringe at the sound of its ring. You take a deep breath, look over at the phone to grab it. After eyeballing the caller ID, you realize it’s a number that you do not recognize. You send the caller to voicemail for fear that it could be an annoying debt collector, threatening you with litigation. This has become your normal, daily routine for the past 3-4 months or so. Does this sound familiar? You’re definitely not alone. In today’s economy, it doesn’t take much to find oneself in this scenario. As the adage goes, most people are 1-2 paychecks away from being in the same boat.

One untimely medical procedure, two consecutive months of unemployment, or outright misuse of credit cards are all reasons that most people fall behind. Whatever your scenario might be…it can happen to anyone, at anytime. Period.

Given the possibility of the scenario above, we can help you put the pieces back together. We’ve helped individuals and businesses to relieve their financial worries in the past. We understand how relentless creditors can be, and we will help to ensure that your rights and property are protected, just the same. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. For further information or options available to you, contact us to discuss personally and privately today.